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Cheating Asian Girlfriend Confesses

You and your sexy Asian GF go to a summer party. She looks extra hot wearing a super micro bikini – complete with her hair in pig tails and 15 cm high heels. While at the party you notice she very subtly keeps glancing over your shoulder and smiling. She is smiling at another guy behind you. She keeps flirting with that guy, while rubbing her pussy when you are not looking.    Then she says “I’ve gotta go to toilet”, and looks over your shoulder again with a real big naughty smile – sucking on the straw, giving a hint to the other guy to follow her. After a while you realize she is not coming back. The day after, she goes to your house and acts like nothing happened. She is really horny and just jumps on your cock. While fucking her, you keep asking where she went at the party. She keeps making different excuses. Eventually she confesses she was with the other guy. She gets off of your dick, and gets a huge dildo and starts riding it! You are upset, but you can’t help but get turned on as you watch your hot Asian girlfriend fucks a huge dick like a little champ. She confesses more and more. You couldn’t believe your ears…but you’ve never been so turned on in your life!

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