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LSG: Dirty Girl Eats Smoothie From Her Ass

Littlesubgirl: Dirty Girl Eats Smoothie From Her Ass. She wants to make a very special smoothie today. Putting 3 peeled bananas and 6 strawberries into her asshole and then she puts 1 litre full milk in her ass. Then, she punches her stomach and jumps around to mix up the bananas, strawberries and milk in her ass. Releasing it into a bowl and then, swallowing the banana, strawberry, smoothie that just came straight from her shithole! To make it better, she rubs it all over her face and pours it all over her sexy petite body. What a dirty girl! Eating smoothies from her asshole. Littlesubgirl: Eats Smoothie From Ass! Hooray!

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